Research AMP is a customizable research area mapping platform for academics in the humanities and social sciences who want to bridge disciplines, grow their scholarly networks, and share their research with broader audiences. Research AMP turns up the volume on your research, bringing it to the public’s ear.

Research AMP is a partnership between the Social Science Research Council and the Corporation for Digital Scholarship. The framework for Research AMP was first launched through the Council’s successful disinformation research mapping platform, MediaWell, and later through the Just Tech platform. Crises like the coronavirus pandemic have demonstrated the need to put credible, accessible, and comprehensive scholarship in the hands of expert and lay audiences. To fill this gap, SSRC and CDS developed the Research AMP platform in order to offer it as an easy, free, “plug and publish” website toolkit for interdisciplinary scholarship projects, lowering the barriers for the dissemination of public scholarship.

For more examples of how Research AMP can be used, see our partner sites.

A public release of the Research AMP suite is forthcoming. Watch this space or sign up to be the first to know.

Research AMP is currently in closed beta with partner sites and is anticipated to be available to the public by Fall 2023.




The Research AMP Board

Kathleen Fitzpatrick

David Karpf

Sharon Leon

Dhiraj Murthy
Anna Neatrour
Amanda Regan
Sahana Udupa


The Research AMP staff would like to thank the following individuals who contributed their time and expertise to developing Research AMP: Alexa Dietrich, Philip Friedrich, Heather Lanthorn, Nicole Levit, Ron Kassimir, Fred Palm, Tara Shukla, Sam Spies, Sean Takats, Catherine Weddig.


Molly Laas (Co-Principal Investigator)
Jason Rhody (Co-Principal Investigator)

Ava McLaughlin (Program Assistant)

Design and Development

Research AMP was designed by Sonja Leix and developed by Boone Gorges.


Contact ramp@ssrc.org